Lighting Tip For Night Flying

Based on the interest in a taxi/landing light upgrade, I want to share information that significantly improved the night flying experience for me. If anyone is an astronomer and knows a better way to explain feel free to share/correct this.

Big picture: Be able to set very bright moonlit conditions no matter where your aircraft is on Earth. It involves 4 steps:

1. The first thing you need to do is set the year. I’ll explain this for 2020. You can do this for any other year but the days in 3. will be different.

2. Once the year is set select the month. Think of this as the opposite of the Sun: if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere to put the moon overhead select December. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere select July. If you’re near the equator select October. You can select any month in between these to adjust how far North/South the moon will be. —> This is true every single year, not just 2020 specifically.

3. After the month we need to set the correct day. This will be the same day of every month on a given year. For example, for 2020 always select the 30th or the 31st. If you’re using 2019 always select the 15th. If you’re using 2021 always select the 17th. These dates are the same no matter what month you selected in 2. Moving a day or two away from these dates won’t have a noticeable impact.

4. Finally we select the time. This is your East/West control (the month is your North/South control). This works the same as the Sun. The moon arcs from East to West in the sky just like we’re used to. First, I recommend hitting the “Night” button to get close. Then if you want to move the moon East or West just adjust the slider until it’s there. —> This is also true for every single year, not 2020 specifically.

Summary: The year and day of the month combination (1. and 3.) is your moon brightness control. The month (2.) is your North/South control (opposite the Sun). The time (4.) is your East/West control (same as the Sun).

With these 4 steps you can instantly create bright moonlit conditions anywhere on Earth! It’s extemely helpful for taxiing and being able to enjoy scenery at night. I know it sounds complicated but once you get some practice it’ll just take seconds to do. I promise it’s worth the effort.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope this helps you appreciate what night flying can be. If you have any questions feel free to post them below!


God bless your brain. No more crashing on the side of a mountain that I couldn’t see.


Haha thanks, it definitely makes that less of a concern. Has anyone been successful with setting it yet?


Shame that after all these years we can’t fly at night still

Were you able to follow the procedure above though? I’d barely ever fly at night without it

Thank you for this. Thank you!!! 🙏

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You’re welcome, glad it could help!

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