Lighting of Airports at Night

It is just a suggestion. No harsh.

Would IF team consider lighting up the airports at night? Maybe add some spotlights or increase the ambient light within the airport boundaries… or increase the power of the taxi light/landing light of the aircrafts? Thank you very much.

It is really hard, if not impossible, to taxi in the deep dark airports…

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Hello Charlie, currently, it’s in development and it’s something they’re planning to add in the future. I do admit that taxiing in the dark without any sort of light is difficult. A solution of mine is to set the time to a day where a full moon is present that way you can receive the most light possible.

For now, you can vote on the features request below :)

Thank you ItsBlitz! I have cast my vote immediately!

Hope the airports will be lighted up soon at night. Tuning time is just spoiling the immersion.

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