LightAviation's ATC Tracking Thead - [CLOSED] @N/A

Server: Training
Frequency: Ground +Tower
Focus on: Push back and taxi,DEP and APP,Go around,Pattern work, Trainsition
I’m practicing the IFATC written test and I want to practice for the practical exam!


tag me when you open!

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I will open at LFBO now!

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can’t come now sadly :(

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Oh…OK.I will tag you next time.

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LFBO is open!

Feedback from: General 575


  • Taxi to runway: ✅

  • Taxi to parking: ✅


  • Takeoff / make ___ traffic: ✅

  • Cleared for the option: ✅

  • Sequencing: N/A

  • Exit runway: 🟧

Other Feedback:

  • Exit runway was way to early. Try sending that at around 80-70 kts

  • Go around was not caught with @Eternity. When an aircraft is still on the runway and another is on short final a go around would be best

Tag me next time you open

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OK!Thank you very much!

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@BenjiTheBull KSSC is open!

Tag me next time when you open

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Still opening now

Feedback ET386VA
1.Wrong occasion for my LUAW command with F-ANCY on a 3 mile final
2.My clearance should be “cleared for the option” instead of “cleared to land”
All in all,good session!

Thanks fo coming!

Thank you very much!
@StarAviation @Eternity @KevinA @captBob


You might already know this, but you can request a trainer to help you practice for the practical exam after you pass the written test

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Yes,I know

LFBO now is open!

@fiVeleVelsdoWn @Winter_love @BenjiTheBull @StarAviation @Butter575

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Runway use 32R/32L

Delta 278 Feedback
Ground: Great!
Tower: Nice job, after my rwy change request you had me enter rt base wich was good but then you never gave me clearance to land. Exit rwy was a little early (96knts) try to shoot for 80-70.
Tag me next time, thank you!

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