LightAviation’s Radar Tracking Thread-[CLOSED]@N/A

IFATC Radar Tracking Thread-LightAviation

Hey all! I just started radar training. and want to improve my radar skills!

Your feedback is very important to me!





My trainer: @Korgast

Have a nice day!


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This thread is approved by my trainer

YBCS now is open

I’m spawning in!

oh,sorry.I have some to do now,YBCS Is closed…

Aw all good. Ping me when you open!

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YBCS A now is open @safiyurrahman1

Feedback OK-LOL

  • Downwind on my first approach was too narrow for ILS (4.5nm). For ILS approaches we should be looking for a 5-7nm wide downwind.

  • On my second ILS approach after my M/A, it was the opposite. My downwind was too wide (9.7nm) nearly busted with a mountain there.

  • Base was turned a bit too early on my second approach which resulted in me capturing the localizer and Glideslope at the same time. A re-clearance with a lower altitude could’ve fixed that easily. Using a waypoint as reference can help you know when to turn the aircraft base to keep it consistently.

That’s all for me, great work!

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Got it!Thanks for coming!

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NZAA A now is open

Coming by now

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Feedback for Matrix 1

Approach: ILS

  • should’ve received CAF on initial contact. I had a valid flight plan for the localizer 23L approach.
  • had to call MA because the intercept failed. The base heading was guiding me directly to the cone making an intercept at the angle very hard. I should’ve been vectored to around waypoint EMRAG.
  • The MA vector could’ve been improved on. Having me at 5K was bound for disaster. 4K would’ve been a better choice.
  • bust with SWA 728VA at 2nm 100 ft. Happened because I was climbed to 5K and SWA was at 5K. SWA and I should’ve been stacked or squaring my crosswind could’ve worked.
  • second intercept also failed. Having me at runway heading then giving me a 260 intercept didn’t work out. Instead, have me a little right/left to the cone and intercept me from there. I’ve attached an image on how I’d do it.
  • Handoffs are too early. I need to be established and lined up with the cone.

That’s it from me.

Thank you very much!

Add me to your pinglist pls!
(but idk how to give feedback in radar sessions. I can send replay to you so you can see mistakes in radar planning.)

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