LightAviation’s ATC Tracking Thread - [PRACTICAL PASSED!] @ N/A

Airport :
Server : Training
Frequency : Ground +Tower
Focus on : Push back and taxi,DEP and APP,Go around,

Passed practical exam!



Welcome to LightAviation’s ATC Tracking Thead

KSSC is now opening


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We use 22L/R

Emm,it seems that there’s something wrong

Hello, I’ll come for some pattern in ~10min

I will open in ten minutes

sorry,it seems that my device has something wrong

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Hey I’m coming

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Thank you everyone!

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Hello, I’m glad you participated in today’s session. I noticed a few significant issues during the session:

The first one is that you forgot to issue my landing clearance. I switched from 22L to 22R after takeoff from the first circuit, which is why I reported a go-around.

The second issue is the upwind change failure. When both Yuki and I were on upwind, I requested a change to 22L. To avoid conflicts, you should have sent “extend upwind, I’ll call you Crosswind,” but you didn’t do that.

The third problem is the confusion in your sequencing, and there were many instances of re-sequencing.

That summarizes the feedback for today’s session. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions. Thank you.

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Thanks,I see.And…Happy new year!

Feedback from Starwalker004JX

-Give me clear option when number 3 but I am number 2

-The landing breakaway command is at 90kts, but it should be sent immediately when it is lower than 70kts

-Conservative decision to cross the runway, but this is not a problem
Thanks for having me

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Thanks!Happy new year!

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Happy New year

Oh, by the way, you didn’t give me landing clearance when I landed for the last time.

Feedback | YU-KII

Okay, so in general you did pretty good even with a insane amount of runway changes (apologies about it). I still have a few points where you could improve:

  • In general when I was on Downwind at middle upwind cone, and I requested a runway change, you gave me a base pattern entry. I recommend you to give me a downwind one so I can turn whenever I want.

  • [09:46:44] China southern executed an upwind conflict with me. In this situation, you should have given an “extend upwind” to him and wait until I was at 90 degrees to give him a pattern entry for left downwind runway 22L

I think it is all for the obvious things, you did great in overall so, a next time if you do you UWC (upwind conflict) great I’ll try to find the more small mistakes.

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Feedback from Starwalker22JX
Only one problem is that when I am requesting rwy change and that shouldn’t be approved because my distance between YU-KII and JX004 is not enough for a aircraft to entry so that rwy change shouldn’t be approved.
Good luck in ur practical exam and happy new year!

Just don’t request a runway change there 🤣

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Emm alr maybe the rwy change is too much for this TT hahah

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