Light Pollution 101 - Pretty Bad Heli Pictures

Hello, IFC

I was feeling a bit adventurous today and decided to go outside when it was dark! Ooooo how brave!

I went to LFPI to try and take some long-exposure pictures of the helicopters there.

The good news is that they are well-lit.
The bad news is that they are lit with very colorful neon lights.

Air pollution, light pollution, sound pollution, smell pollution, we have all types of pollution here!

The sun setting over LFPI

A nice Airbus Helicopters AS-350 after a day of flying

The same one up close (it’s not actually pink; it’s brown/grey)

F-ZBPN, a beautiful EC145 with the pyramids of Giza behind it

Here it is again!

Aaand again, with the TF1 building behind it

Aaaaaand one last shot

Thank you for having a look!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
See you next time


so many colors :0

nice shots πŸ‘


Great job taking these shots.

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Fun Fact: All your pics are showing Airbus 🀭

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I like it like that :D

Tbh those neon lights make for some very nice colors

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