Light Plane Crash in Traralgon, Australia

Australia has been thru plenty of plane incidents, here’s another…
Two people have had a lucky escape after a light plane crashed in Traralgon on Thursday afternoon. The plane came down in a paddock next to the Princes Highway and the Latrobe Regional Airport about 1.25pm. Paramedics assessed a man and woman who weren’t injured, but were shaken by the crash.


Dang! And @anon31652286’s topic was another Aussie crash!


That’s terrible. Enough of these crashes Australia! The ATSB is going to be super busy 😔


What the Heck is happening! I was just reading Ed’s post then I went off that only to find another Aussie plane crash…

Not to mention both happened within 24 hours of each other.

Soo Australia has a curse now or some nonsense?

And this was only 2 days after the terrible DFO accident 😢

At least there were no fatalities in this case, one fortunate detail

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You don’t need to make a topic every time a plane crashes. Also, avoid excessive bold lettering.