Light on middle of aircraft?

I have always wondered why people don’t talk about the light on the middle behind windows ? Like what light is that for ? I have seen it many times when I travel!


That’s the wing light. It’s typically used to illuminate the leading edge and engine nacelles so a visual icing check can be performed by crew, along with checks for suspected damage or leaks if so required.

It’s also used to increase aircraft visibility at night time below 10,000ft, much like the landing lights and tail lights, though this is (depending on SOPs) usually optional and at the discretion of the flight crew.


Wing illumination light. It’s the wing light that you will see illuminate during departure, along with the strobe lights. It can also be used during pre-flight and post-flight inspections at night.


Thank you!

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I wonder if someone have requested this in page (feature)

This is what it looks like from a passenger perspective (look at the engine)

Source: File:Moscow at night from the air Beltyukov.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


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