Light at night

During night flying, is there a way that the cockpit could be illuminated? I think some aircraft have it but the 777 I am flying now does not.

Yes only a few aircraft have cockpit lighting.

Do you know which ones?

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Mainly newer models. I’m not exactly sure which ones…

No worries. I’ve given up night flying for the minute, flying with a near-complete black screen is dreadful. Not sure why the level of blackness used can’t be reduced or something

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Boeing 787, 747
DC-10 and MD-11
Cessna citation X


Dont forget the TBM!!


Airbus A320 Family


Boeing 737 Family
Boeing 747 Family
Boeing VC-25
Boeing 787 Family

McDonnell Douglas

McDonnell Douglas DC-10
McDonnell Douglas DC-10F
McDonnell Douglas MD-11
McDonnell Douglas MD-11F


Cessna Citation X


CRJ Family

Daher Socata


This should be all of them.


Ya that’s a bummer with flying at night, I usually have to cycle the day to “noon.” (With the aircrafts that don’t have cockpit lighting). Another issue is the landings lights that don’t exactly provide proper lighting for landings.

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It’s a pain when trying to switch on the runway straight after landing with ATC screaming expedite!!! Lol.

Ya I feel you on that, lol!

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