Light and Shadow ( 4 ) // B77L's Sunrise time flight

Today I went to SKBO ( El Dorado International Airport ) to make a test flight. As we know, SKBO is surrounded by mountains. So I think it’s a nice place to take some photos.

Server: Expert Server ; Flight Plan : SKBO to MROC ; Flight Time : 1h55m ;
Aircraft: B777-200LR ; Callsign : FGS-0540 ; Cruising Altitude : FL380 .

Now, here they come~

p1: Parking at SKBO. ( SKBO have ATC, it attracts a lot of people come here )

p2: FGS-0540, RWY 13L, clear for take off. ( Can you find another plane in this photo ? )

p3: Climbing~ ( That’s Nevado del Ruiz in the photo )

p4: Cruising at FL380. ( GE90 really is a prefect engine ! )

p5: Approaching to MROC. ( This airport’s scenery is amazing too )

p6: Kiss Landing~ ( Beautiful B777 )

Thanks for your watching~ If you like these pics, come and share your view in the reply~

Which is your favorite shot ?
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I see the plane on number 2… it’s some A320

Truly beautiful pics!


Bingo~ It’s a A320ヾ(^∀^)ノ btw, Thanks~

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@FGS-CFU-Andy, I flew that route last night with the Avianca, but nice photos btw

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just underneath your number 2 engine!

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ha ha~ bingo~

(≧▽≦) (≧▽≦)