Light and dark – two different worlds @ KLAX


I did some pattern work around KLAX, The new buildings , clouds, and lighting are phenomenal, awesome for screenshots!
Abra Kadabra

Server: Expert & Solo
Aircraft: A350-900
Route: KLAX - KLAX
Editing: light enhancing effects.
Software: Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed

  1. Eating ΒΏfood? at In & out.

2. Rotating at dusk

3 & 4. A day and dusk view of the downwind turn for runway 24R

5 & 6. Rotating off runway 07L day and night views β€” this was taken in solo

7 & 8. Producing loud, obnoxious, but welcome noises on departure. (day/night)

That’s all for today, thanks for viewing the post, let me know down in the replies which one was your favourite, and feedback is always welcome! While your here, check out my Instagram, I post more frequently there and I post some more edited stuff there as I can’t post it here.
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Instant Graham

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Peace ✌️


nice screenshots


Very cool

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Thanks for viewing!

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Oh my God my eyes are blessed it so good

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Yes, you have been blessed by the holy goose. Now, share my works with other people

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Those screenshots are dope bro!

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Beautiful pictures, I love the first photo!

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Thank you @CHUNGUSflys, very cool.

Haha, thanks for viewing, glad you like the shots.

I like the first one too, I really like the In & out building for spotting angles, I hope I can try it out irl one day. Thanks for viewing the post!

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Stunning shots!πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

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Thanks, glad you like them!