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Good morning, i was in a c130 inbound to jfk and was notified on final and on grounds that They aren’t accepting light aircraft… is ac130 considered light??

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No, a C-130 is not considered a light aircraft.

The C130 is not a light aircraft.

Was this on Expert or Training?

For future reference, the only aircraft covered under the light aircraft in command in IF are the SR22, C172 and XCub.

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Ok so I’m going to assume that was an atc error

these are light aircrafts: Cessna 172, X-Cub, SR22, Spitfire, and P-38 . TBM & C208 do not considered as light aircraft.

It seems that the ATC considered your aircraft as a prop, not recognizing that you have 4 engines attached on this plane. The planes icon shape on the map view could be irritating at a first glimpse.

Not the C208?

The C208 is not a light aircraft.


This was on expert server, which kind of surprised me because I had to check to make sure I was Not on training.

Please don’t get it mistaken I’m not ragging on the ATC controller, and normally I don’t complain but this was something that I just had to inquire about

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neither do i. i just wanted to explain why that might have been happened. The best way is to ask the controller directly via PM.

It isn’t? Wow I thought it was a light.

The C130 is not a light aircraft at all - in fact, the opposite. Depending on the load, the C130 is a very impressive turboprop for how much it can carry. Overall, no matter what the load - it is considered a heavy aircraft.

If you have any more questions about the C130, or any other C130 variants, feel free to shoot me a PM!

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C130, C208…theres not much in it really…

IF doesn’t split light aircraft from other aircraft based on weight, rather they split it by speed to help ease the work for IFATC. Although the C208 and TBM are light relatively speaking, they are still able to keep a manageable speed in regard to other aircraft (jets and other planes) at busy airports, helping IFATC with controlling and thus removing the need for “light” designation for the TBM and C208!

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Hmmm, perhaps for the TBM, yes, but the C208 descends on final at around 80-90 kts. If I tried that at a busy airport I’d soon have the jets piling up behind…

Perhaps the C208 SHOULD be classed as a light…? 🤔

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