Light Aircraft Lack

I have found that not that many people fly light aircraft in IF Live. Just putting out a thought that maybe more people can fly in light weight aircraft like the Cessna 172 and 208 and Cirrus SR22. I would live to see more people to do touch and goes in them don’t you think? What do you recon guys? Any thoughts?


So what’s the point in this topic? How do you propose that we do this? Just asking.

Sorry, but a lot of people like jets. That’s the “issue”. Get used to it. I personally like flying GA as well, but the 77W is still my favorite.


I seem to only like the light-weight aircraft on casual or just playing solo. Too embarrassed with my lack of ability to control a crosswind landing…

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Been discussed before and the answer is always ‘to each their own’! Why not create an event for GA aircraft to help drum up support 🙂