Light aircraft crashes into supermarket car park in Portugal

Some more terrible news for the whole aviation community. Today, a Swiss registered Piper PA-31 Navajo crashed into the car park of a Lidl supermarket in Tires, 12 miles outside of Lisbon. 5 people were killed, the 4 people on board and a lorry driver, who was delivering goods to the shop. The aircraft had apparently taken off from an airfield in Lisbon, 12 miles away from the site of the crash. The cause is not currently known.
This is very hard hitting for me as I first heard the news just after getting out of a light aircraft myself

What are your thoughts on this?


What a terrible situation. My thoughts are with the families and people involved.


This is such a horrific incident as my prayers fully extend towards the families and friends involved and or affected by this catastrophic event.

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