Light aircraft control

So short version if the story, i cant land a light aircraft or jet without it swerving left or right or the nose pitching up a bit. Yes i use rudder and idk if this matters but yes im in under MLW and when flying these smaller planes i always go to places witch calm winds. Any advice?

Its likely because the nose wheel moves with the rudder even at high speeds. When you are about to set the nose down, bring the rudder to zero and then go from there.

Well u see my main struggle is really only maintaining center line. So i use rudder when i land cause i will speed off the rwy

Are you flying props? If so, this is due to their “left-turning tendencies” such as P-Factor, Torque, etc.

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Only happens when i fly fighters,TBM and cessna

I suggest you turn auto coordination off in settings.

I always have it off

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The left-turning tendencies listed above are prob reasons for the Cessnas and TBM, but unsure about fighter.

The fighters dont turn they are the ones that pitch up on main gear touchdown

Good. Release rudder pressure just before nose wheel touching down on the runway as mentioned by Alec

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Ok and when nose gear is down i can continue rudder input.?

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Yes, you can. Just not as much. Otherwise you will slide off.


Ok will thanks for the help and as for pitching up any advice?

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I don’t know how helpful this is, but lighter aircraft tend to be lighter on the controls. Trimming against the aircraft’s natural tendency can sometimes help stabilize pitch. As for bank, it would seem like cranking the control sensitivity down may be helpful.

The biggest suggestion I have is to take an airplane up to a low to medium altitude and try to control it manually under various power, speed, configuration, and weight settings until you get used to how the plane behaves. This is equally as important when transitioning between real aircraft.


Check out this and other tutorials on IFs YT

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Yes they’re a bit more sensitive thanks for this i will try it

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