Light Aircraft Accepted — Now and Always at KOSH

If you enjoy light aircraft flying on Infinite Flight — and who doesn’t? — take a break from the jumbo jets and come join us at KOSH for unlimited pattern work, power off landings, slow flight, soft-field landings and all the other scenic and flight fun General Aviation provides!

Midwest USA at Wittman Regional is daylight flying real-time for a lot of global users! It’s a great 3D airport that it looks like the IF team put a lot of time into for us.

I’ll post airport plates separately for convenience and pattern rules because the Training sever has no ATIS (yet).

I’m posting this because it’s hard to get ATC on the expert server to be interested in the GA Airports it seems. There’s a lot of great fun happening at the big internationals! But for GA, the “no light aircraft accepted“ mantra prevents the opportunity for flying the super cub with ATC and a lot of other flyers joining in.

To see if there’s any the wider interest in this gameplay among the wider IF community, I plan to spend some time regularly, doing my fair share of ATC on the training server for KOSH and I hope to see some of our other fellow GA aviators enjoying the camaraderie at the airport.

If we see interest ; maybe IFATC will start some regular Class D Airport coverage on Expert server here. Let’s see how it goes

Please consider pulling some Training-server ATC time at KOSH yourself so we can get some traction at the airport as a regular IF hotspot!


Hello, it seems like you’re organizing an event, you should post in the Events category.

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Thanks. Great idea. I wasn’t sure because this is on-going really so it didn’t seem like a calendar event. If the moderators think it should be moved that’s fine with me.

Hope to see you at KOSH sometime!!

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Lots of GA tie downs and hangers to fill!

Several spots for larger aircraft as well as a 8000+ ft runway 18/36 to handle the big boys!

Looking forward to needing separate ground and tower + approach and departure ATC on the Training Server once users start building up and enjoying!

We’ll see if there’s any larger interest.

I’m in! I love doing pattern work and short GA flights in light aircraft, and sometimes even in large aircraft. There’s no reason we can’t take a break from realism and have just have fun sometimes🙃

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@CaptAJ I can control Tower and ground

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This is a great idea! We at ATC sometimes have to refuse light aircraft when there are too many higher speed aircraft near the airport. The slower GA aircraft can make it extremely difficult to get aircraft on the ground in an efficient manner. This would be fun to control though!

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Update. Ive tried the past two days on standby ATC at KOSH. Weather not great. LIFR at best, Visibility under 5 SM. We’ll see how it goes: current /typical METAR:
KOSH (Density Altitude: -672 ft)

LIFR KOSH 271653Z 00000KT 2SM BR OVC003 03/03 A3021 RMK AO2 SLP241 T00330028

Sounds great. Jump on anytime when the weather improves.
We can try to update our IFNOTAMs here if that’s a good idea.

I love GA flying! I’d love to see some more GA airports under control or at least lots of people using them. I’ll also be glad to fly a Fisk approach or two into OSH 😜

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So I’m still showing up at KOSh from time to time. Not that much interest from the GA community it seems. We’ll keep it up and see if some pilots are interested in a special event one weekend.

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Maybe I would sometime! I can provide ATC maybe if it’s on Expert.

I am not Expert ATC so I can only show up on casual server as ATC but I’ll be flying the x-cub all the time there if I see coverage!

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When is thsi event?

Inspired! Opening KOSH now.

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Not an event! Yet!
Just a place to check out first on Training daily to see if anyone is flying some patterns!

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Gusts at 25 right now but we’ll see!


IFNOTAM (unofficial) Looks like great weather today at KOSH! Light aircraft accepted!! Pattern work allowed!! GA Training areas open! Enjoy the friendly skies if IF-GA is your thing!