Lifting Outta Los Angeles

This is a #screenshots-and-videos song, it isn’t very long. Hehe

Delta A757 pro max citation ultra creating lift out of Los Angeles

Server: Expert
Route: LAX-DCA
Time: 4 hours 30 minutes
Aircraft and Airline: Delta a757

On to the single photo.

Thanks for viewing


That shade of orange though. Outstanding!


Wow. That photo is outstanding

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Thank you both so much!

United McDonnell Douglas 757

Great work!

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Great photo

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Here’s your 50th like! “Great Topic”.

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Yes, the holy plane.

Thank you!

This is my 7th great topic in 4 years lmao. Thanks!

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For some reason I can’t get this rendering quality like you do. All my settings are max but the rendering still appears low. Anyone else having this issue?

Nice shot by the way

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I turned my graphics to high for this shot and then a little bit of editing.

Because of beta I’m running on medium graphics for flights

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Interesting. All my graphics are high but it seems like no matter what I change the graphics settings to, the scenery and aircrafts still render on low. Unfortunate

I think that’s just an issue with beta. When I did run on high graphics for a bit, I could tell it was reduced.

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Ah. It looks fuzzy, I haven’t been able to fly on it cause it messes with my eyes. Hopefully that’s not there when it’s released.

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Looks nice.

Im gonna do this flight today

Thank you!

It’s a fun one especially with the River Visual approach into DCA!