Lift off from KORD

My first photo post. Let me know what you think.

KORD to EHAM. Expert server


Hey there! Very nice shot. Moments away from that smooth landing 😉 I thought I would comment how good of a shot this is since people just like to mini-mod but that’s all cool. I hope you enjoyed your flight!


Wonderful shot mate! Keep it up

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Love it! Hope you enjoyed KORD, my hometown airport! Unique to see a DL A359 here though, as they don’t operate any long hauls from KORD. Their last one was around 2015, a service to LFPG on their B767-300er.

Awesome job, and keep up the great work! 😄

Not sure what you’re wanting them to edit here. All is added. They have the photo, server, route, no one adds the time, and no over-editing is done to the photo.

Personally I like the photo! The reflections off the sun always amaze me in game of how good the graphics are 🤔

We’d love to see more in the future!


I love it!!!

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