LIFT Airline A320-231

Hello IFC!
I saw people were posting liveries on aircraft, so I wanted to try making an addition.
LIFT Airline, its a brand new South African airline, that only operates A320s.
They look really good in my honest opinion, so seeing this in the game would be sick!
There is two liveries, one being yellow and black and the other being black and yellow.

Credits: Black and Yellow livery
Yellow and Black


Hey there, this should be a #features request. Unfortunately, as your not TL2 yet you can’t post in it. Keep on liking and posting, you’ll get there soon!

And for when you hit TL2, you may request this. I advise looking at the category rules to give you more of an idea of how to format it in advance for the future:


Hello there!

You many wanna make this into a features request but you are not TL2 yet.

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oh dang- im sorry, hah. Im very stupid, i apologize.

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Nah don’t worry man, everyone makes mistakes. Your not stupid, i’d say you was more unaware and this is a learning step. Have a good day;)

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