Life is Pain

I spent 1 hour and 28 minutes from requesting pushback, to getting take off clearance. Then as soon as I put power in, my game crashes.

Should I be laughing or taking copeium right now?


You should probably just go to sleep


Im guessing you were at EGLL Expert!



Can we get an F in the chat for this guy



Assuming this one of the Flash Flights hosted here on the community by the IFATC, and streamed by Dan.

We try our best to keep the flow going, and also while doing so maintaining safety as our #1 priority to all aircraft within our airspace, general coverage area, and within the airport boundaries. It is very unfortunate that you had to wait such time, but do remember in doing so you were safe, and maintaining professionalism throughout the duration of the wait. So, I thank you for your cooperation with us, and the more you pilots work with us, the faster and more efficiently we can get you all on your way. :)


[1] If you were flying on the expert sever at an IFATC staffed airport Such as (EGLL) which was today, please give a round of applause to the IFATC team for taking time out of their day to control the skies for us. [2] Their was lot of active traffic Departing - Arriving, when joining active IFATC scheduled Airports I respect ATC instructions and I’m always active when required to do any order instructed by ATC. [3] When ATC doesn’t replay within a certain time Traffic is either busy or you have sent to many Duplicate message. [4] If you ever encounter this situation again you can firstly (Request Pushback - If ATC doesn’t reply you can add the command Stand By)

Important Details!

Always Be patient

Don’t send Duplicate Messages

Don’t Cut in line (Can add up to a report.)

Always be causes of your surroundings!

You can also rely on the IFATC schedule this will tell you what airport’s will be staffed for the date you want to fly!!!

If you are interested in joining the IFATC team, please click the link below, and before applying make sure to meet the necessary requirements!

If you are interested in makeing a topic anything relatedto #atc use this tag when doing so #atc

Thank you for reading this short message.

Thank you for your service IFATC.

tf dude 💀


I think he read it wrong, The author of this post was in no way being againts IFATC💀


Thank you mate!!!

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