Liepaja Fly-Out!

Hello everyone!Today I will host the first event in Liepaja airport.Liepaja is a Major city in Latvia with its International Airport.It doesn’t operate any regular flights right now.

Airport information


Liepāja International Airport - Wikipedia

Runways: 06/24
ILS: Not Available
Location: Grobiņa,Latvia

Gate Assignments

Apron Player Destination Aircraft and Airline
1 @YT_Sniegutizzz Oslo Torf Wideroe DH8D
2 @Butter575 Spilve Private C172
3 @BenjiTheBull Lelystad NetJets CL35
GA 1 @Singh Innsbruck VistaJet CL35
GA 2 @Artemiypilot Jambol Bezmer French Air Force TBM9
GA 3 @Wonderousbuilder641 Oulu Private C208

Air Traffic Controllers

Name Frequency Player
Riga Center 127.00
Tower 129.40


  • Respect other pilots
  • Have fun!
  • I recommend avoiding Russian airspace to all aircrafts,excluding private.Also I recommend avoiding Ukrainian airspace to ALL aircrafts.This is not any political or racist discrimination.

Other Information

Other information
Time: 2023-07-22T16:00:00Z2023-07-22T17:30:00Z
Server: Expert
Airport: EVLA
Date and time: 22JUL 1600Z
If someone wants to change route on gate,feel free to write that!

I’ll take this one please!

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Perfect choice!

Event bump

This one please!

Okay,got it.

GA 1 Innsbruck VistaJet Cl35

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I’ll take this

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i guess ill take the last gate

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@Wonderousbuilder641 @YT_Sniegutizzz @Singh @BenjiTheBull and @Butter575 .Event is starting tommorow.I hope you all will come!

Will you go to this event?
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  • No

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I will try my best to make it.

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sorry i cant come anymore

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Unfortunately with other conflicts I can’t make it

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