Liepaja airport guide! (EVLA)

Hey IFC! I think not many people know about that small airport,located in Latvia,and let me guide you around all the corners of it :)


Airport Info

Runways - 08/26
Class: Class C (Charlie)
Altitude: 16ft
Max. Aircraft: A321/B752


Firstly,airport was used by Soviet Anti-Air Defense in 1940. US Air Force Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer was shot down nearly there in the April of 1950.Airport was closed for reconstruction in 2015,and opened again in 2016.Sooner in 2022 Liepaja held the biggest airshow in the Baltics - Baltic International airshow 2022.

Airlines and Destinations

There are no any regular flights to Liepaja,but airBaltic operated flights from Riga to Liepaja on their former Dash 8 Q400.

Gates & Aprons

Red - Used for all types of flights - Passenger,private,military,cargo etc.Biggest aircrafts are A321/B739 (757-200 can be used on Apron 3 ONLY)
Yellow - Used for Air Baltic Pilot Academy fleet,it is the hangar for Diamond DA40 & DA42 aircrafts. Biggest aircraft is F-16
Green - Used for single engine aircrafts ONLY. Biggest aircrafts are TBM9/Spitifire.
Spotting locations

North West

Location - 56.51799, 21.08194

RWY 08 Departures - 7/10
RWY 08 Arrivals - 6/10
RWY 26 Departures - 8/10
RWY 26 Arrivals - 5/10


Location - 56.521919, 21.119613

RWY 08 Departures - 7/10
RWY 08 Arrivals - 2/10
RWY 26 Departures - 4/10
RWY 26 Arrivals - 9/10


Location: 56.506969, 21.051436

RWY 08 Departures - 3/10
RWY 08 Arrivals - 9/10
RWY 26 Departures - 6/10
RWY 26 Arrivals - 2/10

Note: I don’t have any experience in these places,I am not responsible for you get caught by police or other problems.All locations were taken from Google Maps.

Routes I recommend to fly

Flight Time Route Aircraft
0:35 EVLA - EVRA Private C172
2:10 LFPO - EVLA BBJ 737-700
2:50 LTBA - EVLA NetJets CL35
3:25 EVLA - EGPK RCAF C-130J-30


Yearly there is an airshow in Liepaja airport,called Baltic International Airshow.Airshow is mostly in the summer.


Google Maps

  • Ventspils (VNT/EVVA)
  • Palanga (PLQ/EYPA)
  • Vilnius (VNO/EYVI)
  • Other (write)
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Airport 2D Layout as edited for IF:

from old Airport tracking thread, Post for EVLA

some official

From official eAIP

Aerodrome Chart

Ground Movement

VFR Chart

May be a nice little €D project…

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Vilnius airport guide is underway @Artemiypilot

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