LIEE Approach - abnormally short range?

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I was just on Expert Server, doing a flight from Bologna/LIPE to Cagliari/LIEE as Ryanair 3968. While descending towards LIEE I started to get On Guard messages from the Approach controller, and at that point had 58nm remaining along my route (so even shorter as a direct distance) to the airport, but was not getting the option to connect to LIEE Approach. I wasn’t tuned into any other frequencies, and kept checking and re-checking my frequencies list, but it wasn’t appearing. Eventually I just ended the flight rather than risk being ghosted.

Does LIEE have an abnormally short range for Approach control, or was I experiencing some sort of bug? I’m used to Approach appearing shortly after I’ve got within 70nm of the airport.

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Were you below 18,000 feet? You can’t contact approach if above FL180.

No, I was at FL140, and just starting to descend again to 9,000.

I’ve had this happen to me several times, where ATC contacts me before I can switch. I just continue on to the airport until I can change to approach, and take a screenshot to prove that I could not switch frequency at that point in case I was ghosted.

Hi,i was the controller,i noticed you,I don’t know what to said,I got some planes contacting me 60+ nm away, I think is a simple random issue.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
See you in the skies
Marcello M

OK, thanks. Seemed odd, so decided just to abort rather than it becoming a problem. Thanks for letting me know.

Anyway,for the next time,keep flying,take a few screenshots and try to contact the frequency,if you cannot and you get ghosted just contact a Mod and show your screenshot.

Will do, although ending a flight is vastly preferable to even a temporary banishment to the lawless world of Training Server! :-)

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Hi, I also had the same kind of problem. I was Ryanair 91.


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