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If I have an add on rating e.g. Instrument, is there different version of the rating for each certificate. Is there a commercial instrument, private pilot instrument, ATPL Instrument, or is there only one? Same question for multi engine rating.

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There are separate licenses. Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, Multi engine, ATP, etc.
some are licenses, like Commercial, CFI, but some are add ons. Single Engine Water, Multi Engine Water, etc. They are shown in your main pilots license card.

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It’s worrying that if you have a pilot’s licence at all, that you don’t understand its limitations and extensions!! - Hope you get your answers…

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So add only one have one version, so if you have an add on Instrument Rating with Commerical , you can fly IFR in a 777?

Well, if you have instrument you have to have ATP for the 777. You would learn to fly instrument, night, etc while getting type rated for the 777.

For planes over 5,700KG or 12,700 pounds, a type rating is required, you must be specifically trained in that aircraft

Maybe @DeerCrusher @Yuan_Tugo or @Heavydriver could enlighten us further?


I know that but if I had a type rating and all nesserary ratings and I have a instrument rating, can I use that same rating for an IFR flight C172 and even up to a B777, or do I need a instrument rating added to ATPL, and another instrument rating added to PPL?

An instrument rating is added on to ppl or cpl I think. So no you do not need to do it more than once… Im not a pilot but I have researched this before.

Well you can’t have an instrument rating without a ppl…

It can be added to ppl or cpl. But his question is if it need to be redone more than once which is no

Yes, that’s the answer, @K3v1nxu, thanks

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How bout ATPL? Needs to be redone?

ATPL is also its own license. It stands for Airline Transport Pilots license. I don’t get what you mean by it “needs to be redone”. The airline you appy for will train you I think. You only need to get it once. Its like a drivers license. You might need to renew and it can get revoked. but you don’t need to “redo” the training process more than once. Again im not a pilot but I am hoping to become one too:)

Here are some links that might help you:

There is only one instrument rating. And this applies to all licences. However, to use an instrument rating on aircraft that’s different to that you trained on. Then you need training on the aircraft for and instrument flight. E.g. I did my IR on DA42, I cant fly TBM into instrument conditions without training. I hope this is what you’re asking


Trained on a DA42, slick airplane. Always loved the look of them. RIP useful load tho. Anyway back on topic

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You get a new license each time you add a rating. I.E. I’m just a PPL so on mine it just say Private pilot but my friend is PPL-ME-Inst. so on his it say Multi-Engine Insturment Private pilot privileges

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Depends on where you live for that one.

In the US, licenses are basically a small plastic card meanwhile in Europe they are printed on paper. Therefore, you just need to write down any new ratings.

Here is my very first licence (Licence de Base, which is a restricted PPL) as I don’t have my PPL licence with me right now (will attach a picture of that one with my ratings later):


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I’m talking about the US

Okay guys, you guys helped me comprehend this topic so much better.