Licensed badge

I have finished the tutorial for the licensed badge and I have not received it, can anyone help me?

Just give the system a couple of minutes to process your request, then it will be given to you.

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Don’t you get it after you put the herb emoji as a reply?

I only got the certified one not the licensed? Why is that

Me too i just done read all tutorial but right now i dont have that badge

How to got certified badge ?
Give link please

Make a PM with @discobot and say “@discobot start advanced tutorial” and just follow the steps by that

Why discobot say like this ?

As an advanced user, have you visited your preferences page yet @Capt.Fadhlan? There are lots of ways to customize your experience, such as selecting a dark or light theme.
But I digress, let’s begin!
Everyone makes mistakes. But don’t worry, you can always edit your posts to fix them!
Can you begin by editing the post I just created on your behalf?

You’re supposed to do what it tells you. In this case, you need to edit your post.

what should be edited?

It says that @discobot created a post, so you need to go edit that post.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Where do you find the tutorial @AarkonTV

Send a DM to @discobot and it should help you out from there.

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Yup I did and got it all sorted

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Sorry I fell asleep:)

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