Libyan Carrier Liveries

Now as the chairman of the currently awaiting review Libyan Airlines Virtual, I believe that we need more livery’s for aircraft that we operate with. The only plane that has a livery for our VA is the Libyan Airlines A320. Now we do have most of the aircraft in our fleet in infinite flight
already. We also rely on codeshared livery’s too so here are our requests. ( All requests were requested by all of the members of the VA)

Libyan Airlines


Afriqiyah Airways


Buraq Air


It really is appreciated if you can vote for this feature and help my VA grow and become the first North African VA in infinite flight. It really does mean a lot when you can vote. Thanks a lot guys!

One airline/livery per request. Thank you.

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Should I get my last post and post it here? I’m really sorry I just got TL2 today

You can look at the thread there since they are the current one, the CRJ-900- one is closed. That may be up to you whether you want to make a detailed feature request on that or not. If you do I’d claim it quick! 🙂

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Vote for the existing ones that are open:

The rest are yours for you to make individual topics on. Don’t go crazy and make them all at once since that would be spam.


True, I guess, but I need these for my va

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I get it’s for your VA. It violated guidelines regardless. You wouldn’t see BAVA make a thread for the whole BA fleet. It’s still better for you to make individual topics within around a day or two without spamming.


So should I delete this one?

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Your choice really:

Moderate yourself and withdraw the topic, if unable, flag it for closure.
Or let the mods do it for you.


Thanks I appreciated it