Libyan Airlines CRJ900

Welcome to the Libyan Airlines CRJ900 request!

Hey guys welcome. Now I know there is already a request for the Libyan Airlines CRJ900 but it’s old and not much information is provided. So I decided to make a new one.
The Libyan Airlines CRJ900 was introduced to the flag carrier of Libya, Libyan Airlines in 2007. The CRJ900 plays a big role in the domestic routes in Libya. It is capable of cruising at an altitude of FL410 without struggle. The performance and the abilities of this aircraft are what made LAA purchase this aircraft. It’s cabin is modern and comfortable offering passengers the feeling of being at “home”. Now that’s just about the aircraft. The livery is what makes this request unique. Libyan Airlines if I’m not mistaken, is the ONLY airline that has a golden tail.
It makes the plane look so neat and clean with its livery itself. This livery would be a great addition into the Infinite Flight simulator. It would not only promote flying in Libya but also promote the use of this beautiful aircraft as many people don’t use it too much. It would also benefit my VA as my VA (Libyan Airlines Virtual) is in dire need of this livery to simulate realistic operation instead of using generic livery’s.

Now if you would like to see this livery in infinite flight PLEASE vote! I also need this livery for my VA and It would be a great help :)

You already made one 3 weeks ago. :)

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I think this would be a very good add to the VA, and would allow for a lot more fun routes to be flown.

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Exactly! Thanks!

I did? I though it got shut down that’s the thing… weird

make sure to vote for it too!