Libyan Airlines CRJ900

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Well currently I’m the chairman of a brand new VA called Libyan Airlines Virtual. At the moment we only have one Libyan Airlines plane in the sim and it’s the A320. Now for this fact, it really does bother me how this is such an underrated livery and is one of the only if not only airlines that has a mostly golden tail. I really need this livery for my VA as we only have one plane that has a real Libyan Airlines Livery. It can promote flying in the Libyan region as this place is not really a popular place to fly in. The more livery’s we have for this region the more people will fly there. I also really need it for my VA and we dislike using other livery’s for the airline. We have all decided to request this one simple livery so it may help us develop as a VA and help us feel more Libyan. I will provide some information below about the role that this aircraft will play in the VA and a bit about the airline.

About Libyan Airlines


Libyan Airlines, formerly known as Libyan Arab Airlines over several decades, is the flag carrier of Libya. Based in Tripoli, it operates scheduled passenger and cargo services within Libya and to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, the majority of which leave from Tripoli International Airport.

The role that the CRJ900 will play in our VA

The Elegant CRJ900 will help us establish our regional flights inside of Libya. We will mainly use this aircraft for regional flying and is a great starter aircraft for our cadets. They will learn to fly the short routes which gives them the experience to be able to fly the longer routes. This is why we need the CRJ900 to be added to infinite flight

Thank you for reading and I really do hope you can open your hearts to my VA and to our staff and pilots and make this livery possible.


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Nice livery! Really suits the CRJ900