Libyan Airlines CRJ-900

Hi All,
Found this CRJ livery. It’s Libyan Airlines which currently operate 2 CRJ-900’s. I think it’s a really nice livery and could be used quite a lot in IF. I have ran out of votes but I think it deserves to be added in the next update.


Let me know what everyone thinks of it.

Good livery! I am out of votes unfortunately, but don’t forget to vote for your own feature request!!! Good luck 👍


As said in post I have sadely ran out of votes. @JT_Playz

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Make sure to vote for own request

Oh sorry didn’t notice that 😅

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@Delta350 he explained this in the topic

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How can you request a livery that you want, yet you don’t even have enough votes to vote for it yourself? Doesn’t make sense at all. 🤦‍♂️


if you want to see a livery make sure you prioritize the livery you made the request for cause you want others to see and vote the livery you want to see and help you get it in to infinite flight. you have to be able to vote for it yourself just go through your votes and remove one

If you really wanted this, you would’ve removed a vote, and others have already stated that it is highly recommended that you vote for your own request.

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What a nice livery. I’d surely fly it from Lybia to Italy and Europe flying over the Mediterranean sea. That gold along with the scheme on the tail looks awesome!
Voted it :)

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I agree totally! I would love to do some of the Mediterranean routes too.

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