Liat ATR 42-600


LIAT ATR 42-600 -------------------------- LIAT is a Regional Carrier based at V.C Bird International Airport, In Antigua and Barbuda. They have hubs In Trinidad, Antigua and Barbados. They serve 15 destinations across the Caribbean with 5 ATR 42's and 5 ATR 72's. They formerly operated Dash 8-300's, BAC 1-11 and Twin otters. The airline recently resurfaced operations, after shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The ATR Series ---

The ATR 42 is an regional airliner created by ATR. In 1981, The Aircraft was launched by ATR, as a Joint venture with Airbus.

Why it should be Added ------

This should be added because It opens up more Caribbean Destinations, and not just TNCM and TJSJ. Its A unique livery that shouldn’t be left out.

Yes, dear God yes. Love me some Caribbean hops being from Miami and I grew up flying on this airline.


When i was a kid i would love watching these take off in trinidad its nice to see it getting recognition :)


a little year bump 😂