Liam_Roldan's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Greetings! I just wanted to practice my ATC skills for my final IFATC test. Join if you can!

Airport: WIII
Server : Training Server
Status: Closed
Departing runways 25R/25L, Landing Runways 25R/25L

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Hi! Sorry I cannot stop by now but I would recommend that you open a parallel or intersecting runway airport for your practice. Training sessions and tests will only be at those types of airports. I recommend airports like KFAT or KALB! Good luck, and feel free to send me a PM if you have any ATC related questions.

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I’m IFATC and will join.

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I got you - boo.

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@Krisscam_NL quit trying to get me to tune to center - I’m doing pattern work at EHAM.

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#same - please…

All in all, very good. All of my runway changes were properly received and the subsequent pattern entry instructions were correct. You recognized the conflict between N1ME and N1449 (Citation X) and gave the proper go-around. Other sequencing and pattern entry instructions were timely and correct. I only have four things written down, mostly minor:

  • Lufthansa Cargo 8861 (77F) was cleared to take off on rwy 06 when N1ME was taking off on rwy 04, presenting natural conflict for both aircraft as the runway trajectories collide when both pilots take off straight out. I would have given him the LUAW command and waited a minute to clear him for takeoff once N1ME had cleared the area.
  • Technically the “adjust speed to follow aircraft ahead” is unnecessary as it’s the pilot’s job to maintain spacing while sequenced in a pattern (you’d already given the ‘behind the aircraft on right downwind’ sequencing). I don’t think this is a fault to be over-cautious though - you recognized the conflict.
  • Not sure why N1ME got a “stand by” command - your commands before and after were appropriate.
  • Timing was correct as N1ME was at 60 knots when slowing after landing, but N1ME didn’t need a “please expedite” command as the other aircraft on final was 10 nm from the runway threshold.

I used the standby command because I thought Speedbird was going to be number 1 and you were sequenced to be number 2 since it was gonna land on the same runway so I just assumed. Anyways thanks for dropping by!


Understood, thanks! Good work and good luck

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@Marina @Mark_Eatman @Jshnlsn I’m open again but at a different airport.

Nice work! All good! Nice catch of the unannounced full stop :D

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Thank you! My final atc test is nearing and this time I hope I will pass.

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