Liam_Kirk’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Liam Kirk’s ATC Tracking Thread

Greetings, and thank you for visiting my tracking thread.
I recently passed the IFATC written test but would like to sharpen my skills so I will pass the IFATC practical test. I would appreciate your feedback via here, or in PM, as this will be very beneficial to me to give me the best opportunity to pass the IFATC practical test. Thanks :)






Hey guys. Pop down to EGCC and remember to give feedback at the end of the session.

TS1 :)

See you in a sec

Still open? ^^

Yeah. I’ll be open for a bit.

Hey, I was the 318 G-DC, all in all a good effort, just a few things I picked up on:

  • after you realised your mistake when I first took off and you gave me another traffic direction you said “stand by”, try using “correction, stand by” or “disregard last message” next time.

  • When Rai was asking for a transition, I’d have given it at 3000, reason being because the elevation of manchester is 257ft, so the pattern altitude for jets would be 1750ft, let’s say 1800. You want 1000ft of separation between two planes so 3000 would have been the best best.

  • When I changed to runway 5R, try giving a direction to fly my pattern at. You just cleared me for the option, would have been nice to know which way you wanted my crosswind to be :)

  • not gonna say anything to the forgetting to clear ;) I think you realised that. Always remember, sequence and clearance for patterns.

  • when I went around, you told me to enter right downwind, there was no need for that because you told me to “go around, make right traffic runway 5”. I can see where you’re coming from trying to stop a collision with Rai who was taking off, but a go around should always be done by flying runway heading first and climbing back to altitude.

All in all, a very good effort. Practice makes perfect, I’ll try to catch you again at some point :)


Hi, I was 9V-RAI earlier and here’s my feedback on your performance.
Some mistakes i noted were:

  1. After I called inbound, you gave me pattern entry and sequencing(well done) but you just cleared me for the option without telling me which side traffic to go after the touch and go.
  2. You gave @Kian_Abbasi slowest practical speed on short final(although he missed approach), by then when a plane is on short final you should give go around instead.
  3. You kept giving me pattern entries after each touch and go which is unnecessary as you need to give pattern entry ONCE if they are inbound for touch and go or if you are changing their runways.
  4. The pattern entry you gave me when I changed runway was “enter left downwind runway 05L” when I was on right downwind, which meant that I would have to fly across the runways to get to left downwind, which is a no no when there’s traffic.

All in all, despite those mistakes well done! Hope you heed our advice and improve and see you in IFATC in the near future:).


Roger, thanks for the feedback. I will follow what you’ve said when I control again. :)


Heya @Liam_Kirk,

I noticed some mistakes which you can easily do better next time:

  1. Only pattern entry when new airplane inbound or runwaychange is requested/needed. When telling me “clear for take of make left traffic” i already enter left downwind no extra pattern entry needed.
  2. Dont try to overcontrol with speedings. If they are to fast send them into go around everyone should know how much distance is needed and :)
  3. Use calling base only when u need spacing for an aircraft departing (as u did, but there was 1-2times where it was too much ^^)
  4. Dont send speed wishes 2-3nm before landing. The pilots need their own speed for glideslope and smooth landing. #goaround if they are too fast on final
  5. I was on left downwind on 5L and req. Runwaychange to 5R. You told me to enter right downwind 5R which i did and almost crashed into the spitfire ^^ (you should have tell me "enter left downwind 5R)
  6. Exiting was god but u missed to hand me off to ground :D (u know that ^^)

It’s just a feeling. But i think sometimes you had to search for some commands (cause it took a little longer to answer).
But for the first time it was quite good (better then me xD)

My personal recommendation: watch the ATC Tutorials (again). Especially “the art of sequence” but just dont look only the video. Catch every word Tyler is telling in this video. I watched the video a few times after it made suddenly become clear. ;)

Hope to see you soon again. I’ll visit you again to watch your progress :D

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the exit runway command says “exit runway when able, contact ground when on the taxiway” so u shd be contacting ground instead of tower telling you to contact ground, same goes after “taxi to runway xx, contact tower when ready”

Yes. But you said something else ^^

oh alright but he can keep you to cross runway with tower frequency then hand you over to ground

Thanks for your feedback. I admit I did find it challenging as I couldn’t find some of the commands that I wanted to use so that’s why it took a bit longer. I will stop using the commands repetitively and only use it once.

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Take your time. I didnt meant it in a bad way :) you’re doing a good progress. Look at the commands when you have less traffic and study where the commands are and where to find them :) hopefully see you soon again. Keep up! :D

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Hey guys. Currently open at EGCC. Stop by for a few patterns or depart for a flight. Remuer feedback at then end please!

Open at EGCC. Pop down and visit or fly a few patterns will be open for a bit.

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Closed now. I may open later!

Hey guys going to open for a bit at KBOI. Remember feedback at the end.

Coming over for a couple loops ;)

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Hey there. I was EC-DCP.
Overall good job, your skills are pretty good.
Few things:

  • When you cleared me for take off “make left traffic”, don’t need say a pattern instruccion “enter left downwind”, I’m already at left pattern. Only sequence then clearance (without left/right traffic).

  • You forgot my exit runway command. Be aware at the speed of aircrafts on ground when landing. If it’s below 60kts. give “exit runway”.

Regards. Dani.