LHR Spotting Several Years Ago!

Found a few photos from my plane spotting days at LHR in 2010! (no time to do so anymore unfortunately)


Love the old OZ :p


Whoops my bad-Just realized I accidentally misidentified Asiana as Avianca.

So sorry @mishacamp

these are beautiful…and i love the angles as well

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Well both are pretty cool anyway 😉

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LHR=Spotters Heaven

I could try zooming in on the computer to find them?

How many A340-500s did Arik Air operate? Something tells me they had one…

On here it is saying it is TFW but my photo shoes it as TFX. Registration change…?

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They’ve had two apparentl (Note that it lists 1 curent and 1 historic)

They still have one A340-500 left? Thought it left service and was replaced with a pathetic A330-200


Seems like that only A340’s stored. Oh it’s leased until Jan 2015