LHR spotting - Part 3

But wait there’s more. Found more photos to upload from Heathrow, all taken with the D90.

Once again, there are more angles of any plane if you want them, click on the image for full resolution.


Nice! All properly exposed and all. Amazing! Which lens are you using? If you are using a lens which can zoom even more I would suggest to fit more of the aircraft in the frame. I find that to be a lot more interesting to look at, and after all, there are just clouds if you are removing the aircraft, nothing too interesting. ;) Anyways great photos!

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Any larger lens and the whole aircraft wouldn’t fit in the frame. If there is too much sky it can easily be cropped.

Great pictures, would love to see more of them in the future! :)

The Qatar A380 looks like it’s about to commence a go around!

From memory it didn’t, though I do see your point.

Wow. Beautiful photos.

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Amazing photos.

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Do you have more angles for the Olympic dove livery? It looks awesome. All of your pictures look awesome


Can you show more angles of the Emirates A380?

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Amazing shots as usual!

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I’m flying home from another holiday today but I’ll get all the other angles uploaded tomorrow.

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Any angles of the Emirates A380?

The AA 777 pic is spectacular!

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Still no RJ? :(

Anyways, Amazing Photos!

Sorry, I’m equally as dissed that I didn’t get to see any Royal Jordanian liveries, maybe next time.

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Nice pictures!

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