LHR plane spotting

Hey everybody,

Yesterday, I went plane spotting outside T5. The weather was unfortunately misty and the cloud base was pretty low. Needless to say, it made for some interesting takeoffs - seeing the aircraft disappearing into the clouds.

We have BA A35K, Royal Brunei 787, BA 777 and many more

I hope you enjoy.

(upload://xbkL6gHZAviCc0RJXG9SHR0agfv.jpeg) ![image|450x600]


The last image couldn’t upload. Just wait a bit after uploading

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Welcome back Jack! Glad to see you active again!

Nice shots!

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😊, Thanks. I’m back as the same user, but a different mind frame. I’ve learnt from my mistakes


Great pictures! As a matter of fact, I’m actually at LHR for the pilotslivecareer

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