LHR-ORD with the Virgin Atlantic A346!

Happy Monday everyone!

Today’s flight, I decided to fly from the ever-so-busy London Heathrow to Chicago O’Hare with the Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600! It’s certainly been awhile since I’ve flown this aircraft type and I just felt like flying it! To make the flight more enjoyable, both airports were staffed with ATC! @RTG113 tagged along with me flying the BAW 789!

Photos taken on the Expert server! Time of departure 9:03AM CST (Central time US). Time of Arrival: 4:50PM CST. Photos edited with Adobe Lightroom!


I did the same flight with the same plane and livery like a month ago lol

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Anyways hope you had a good flight!

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Great flight Andrew! Thanks for having me.

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Hey, I controlled your arrival!

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Yes you did! Hey BTW you from Chicago?