LHR-MIA (Diverted to LHR)

It’s ironic how a day ago I posted a go around and almost needing a diversion back in Lisbon but this time I actually had to divert back since I didn’t have enough fuel to make it to Miami and I caught on early so it wasnt that far to divert back to I was in a rush and I put fuel for 7hrs instead of 9

Expected flight time: (9h 17m) (Actual: 1h 14m)
Server: Expert
Plane: Boeing 777-200ER
Callsign: American 57 Heavy

Boarding and refueling to go to Miami… or so I thought


Checked my fuel, 6hrs remaining and miami is 8hrs so I decided to turn back… tell the passengers the reason and fuel dumped and we are on our way back to heathrow

Final approach caught by a planespotter

Landing at Heathrow caught by the plane spotter

Bonus picture


Cool and original topic, love it! Next time you dump fuel, if you’re not in hurry, if you want to make it more realistic on the radar, i suggest you to make holding pattern like the most typical situation! But no all the pilot having the time to make circling, but this happening only in case of a serious problem and no time.

Anyway just a suggestion,

Have a nice day


I like the topic, make sure to bring more fuel!

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I thought about doing a holding pattern but I wasn’t bothered enough to do it 😂