LHR Expansion Renderings

Looks quite nice IMO. Would love to fly into this LHR.


Google is your friend (In other words, google it).

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Other options including building a second runway at Gatwick (more room to do so, also better transport into central London at present) or a brand new airport “Boris Island” which would be built on reclaimed land in the Thames Estuary.

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Cause I doubt you will ever see that in IF ;)

Nice stuff! About the airport, if it really was to be extended, as soon as the detailed plans are made available to public the airport would be updated immediately ;)

Day 1:

Welcome to our lovely London Heathrow airport with all our new things!

Day 2: Welcome to the grotty London Heathrow

(At least it can’t be as bad LBA’s terminal)

I’m not a big fan of Heathrow (as a passenger) I try to fly to Stanstead, Gatwick or Luton instead.


That is the meaning of my point above. As a passenger Heathrow is not too good however, as an aviation enthusiast it is brilliant!

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