LHR Community Meetup spotting pictures

hello people,

As you may or may not know, in September a community meetup was organized by the Infinite Flight staff at the one and only London Heathrow International Airport.

Now, after convincing my parents I got to go on the condition my father came with. (@Edivan_dcds was there too :D)Turned out that was a very good decision since our flight for the night got cancelled and we got rebooked on a BA Cityflyer at 7am, which meant we had to sleep on an airport bench.
There may or may not have been a lot of mice, like… a lot. The NY subway is jealous kind of a lot.

Anyway, we got at LCY early in the mornin’, got to the hotel and immediately went to the first meetup place. Got there, realised it was the worst spotting location in the world, and went to a better one (once the group was complete).

After that we had Maccy D and went to Myrtle Avenue, where most of the pictures are from.
My dad, Edivan and I were absolutely exhausted, and we had to wake up at 3am the next day to catch our flight back home.

All in all, worth it B)


An A380 from Qatar Airways coming in from Doha

ANA 787-9 in the R2D2 livery coming in all the way from Tokyo

A nice 77w I’ve been wanting to capture for a while.
This one’s coming in from Bangladesh!

A beautiful Malaysia Airlines A350 on short final, inbound from Kuala Lumpur

A classic A300-B4 from Germany

Korean Air in its gorgeous Skyteam colours from Seoul Incheon

With another 777, this time a Saudia

A nice LOT Max flying over from Warsaw

Air India 788 coming in from one of the many destinations it offers from India

Finishing up with a bad edit of the queen of the skies herself. Marking the end of a spectacular day, with a lot of memories made.

Thanks for viewing!
Hopelijk tot de volgende keer :) ☀


Genuine footage of Infinite_Qantas taking that shot (on the left). Amazingly, there’s grass here!

It was fantastic spending a day with you, and everyone else. I’d more than love to do something similar again! :)


Damn, that’s one goodlooking guy.
Maybe you have his name or smth

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It took you a LOT of time to show us your photos. Anywat, cool photos you got there, I think you created the first spotting topic of the meetup where an actual camera was used 😜


Hij heeft zn grapjas weer aan hoor

but thanks :)

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I shouldn’t be here. I’ll just say nice pics.🌽

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Thank you!

Lovely Shots! 📸

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Thanks Anshul😄

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