LH498 Squaking 7700 (General Emergency)

Maybe he is heading Paris, a big airport about 30 min. Away

If they only have a transponder problem, then I think they will go back to Frankfurt to get it fixed.

the nearest airport is LFJR

Is it big enough for a B748 to land there?

Possibly not

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I honestly think there is a fire

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and hwy would you think that? wouldnt they still be squaking 7700 then


Good point

I don’t think it’s a fire. If it were a fire, you’d better believe that he would want to land as quickly as possible. He has been maintaining FL300 for a while now.

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Obviously heading paris

Now that I think about it he may be heading Frankfurt, judging of his altitude and squawk

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If he were heading to LFPG he would have to be a lot lower. and a lot slower.

yah was just about to say that…

Frankfurt is not far away enough to not be considered an alternate airport.

But if he is squawking 2366 it may not be an emergency and the pilot just wants to return just in case

Maybe the problem has been solved but the crew don’t want to risk anything so they are returning to Frankfurt, where passengers may be able to board another flight or Lufthansa staff may be able to help

k its close to Paris Orly, Le Bourget, and Charles de Gaulle, and its still maintaining FL300.

What you mean?

I said a long time ago he was not heading paris

Also, since it only appears to be a smaller problem, I think they would rather divert back to Frankfurt where LH has their main Maintenance Hangars, than go to Paris, where it would be a pain to get it fixed.