LH498 Squaking 7700 (General Emergency)

At 7:40 am PST LH498, a 748, squwaked 7700. The plane was enroute to Mexico City from Frankfurt. From its intentions it is trying to return to Frankfurt or a nearer airport. It’s altitude is 30,000 ft and its speed is 550 m/phimage


I saw this too. I wonder what’s wrong?

I’ve got him on FlightRadar24. The airplane icon is red. I’m assuming that means he is in an emergency situation.

Can anyone listen to ATC and see what’s up?

He’s Squaking 7700 of course he’s in an emergency situation

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I don’t know what ATC Frequency he’s on

Yeah I know he is having an emergency, I was just wondering because of the red icon.

I don’t think that’s even available in Europe. I know that it’s illegal in Germany to stream ATC communications.

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Ok, anyways the altitude has been going up and down just a couple hundred feet, it’s trying to maintain a stable level but heist keep rocking up and down

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I think he might be dumping fuel. Is there a website where we can find out more?

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They are now turning towards land

FlightRadar24’s twitter hasn’t said anything. Neither has Lufthansa.

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Well it’s currently heading back inland, probably making an emergency landing.

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His squawk is now 2366, butt he is still heading inland

Squawk isn’t 7700 anymore.

I see that, but, like nicochile2 said, it is still heading inland

Judging by the Flightradar path, I’m going to guess that it’s had a transponder problem? It briefly lost radar signal just off the coast of France - an airspace which other aircraft are easily tracked. Don’t know this, but it’s just a thought…


But then why isn’t it turning around back towards the ocean?

Maybe it’s heading back to Frankfurt.

it probably is