[LH A343 Golden Hour] Afternoon Spotting @ KDEN | JAN.5th | Part 1

Yesterday I went spotting at DEN. I had some firsts. Tried using a tripod and tried night spotting. Let’s just say i froze my butt off due to really gusty winds. I saw at least 5 go around while i was there. I went with my friend Caleb and we spotted @120th which is in the middle of no where. The catch of the day was a A343 from Lufthansa from FRA. We usually get a 747 but for the next week or so were getting the A343. Here are the pictures enjoy 😊

UPS MD-11F Arriving from SDF

Lufthansa A343 arriving from FRA

AA A320 arriving from ORD

Virginia the Wolf arriving from IAH

Delta 737-900er arriving from MSP

Frontier A320 Neo with the moon in the back

Prime Air 767 Beacon shot with the moon in the background

One of Frontiers Last A319. These are supposed to be retired late spring this year

United a320 arriving during Golden Hour

Ok so i got a tripod for Christmas and wanted to try out night spotting. You see at DEN there’s not that many good places to night spot. One of the decent ones is the east and west garages. The only problem you’ll have if you dont have a good enough lens is poles. So I tried it out on a few delta aircraft, I think I personally like this shot the best. Also I’ve never night spotted before and i know it can be very tricky so please give me suggestions or tips.
Delta A220

Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel t4i 75-300mm lens

Thanks for viewing!!
Edited in Adobe Lightroom


Forgot to mention that I was gonna spot with @Luke_Sta on Saturday instead. But a bunch of things happened so I couldn’t.

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Great shots 👍🏻 Nice to see the MD11, we don’t get them here.
I haven’t done night spotting. Time to find my tripod!

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Thank you!!

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Yessss 😍 great photos!

Thank you!!!

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Amazing shots! Gotta love that LH A330-300!

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Amazing photos!

Kinda sad we didn’t meet this time, definitely next time lol
I did go to DEN on Saturday but I accidentally brought my wide lens 😂

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Thank you tho!

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Thank you Luke!
Hopefully one day we’ll finally meet.

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I haven’t been to the east side in a while. Does DEN still get the LH 744? I know they swapped the A333 out for the 359 a few years ago from MUN.

Yes we still do. Except for this week I believe.

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That’s good. Itll be a shame when BA gets rid of the 744 on that route. Maybe well get the A35K as a replacement?

The A346 used to be on the service from MUC, it was replaced with the A359.

The B744 is still on the Frankfurt service, there’s just been a brief period this month where they’ve been using an A343.


It’s been both the 340 and 330. I’ve seen both there.

The a330 was replaced by the a359 for the den-muc route.

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I literally was there spotting yesterday too.

Got there at around 1:40. Still need to edit the BA744. Sadly the lufty A350 picture isn’t that good.


Was very interesting for sure!

That is just really weird how we were spotting at the same place at the same time and didn’t see each other 🤯

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Nice pictures and a golden LH A340! Well done topic! Thanks for sharing!