LGKR Photo Dump

Hey IFC! I visited the beautiful Greek Island of Corfu last summer, where I was able to shoot some amazing photographs of the departing and arriving aircraft.
Hope you enjoy the photos!

Let’s start with an Olympic Air Q400 doing a pre-departure spoiler check!

This Windrose A321 is heading back to Dnipropetrovsk

Air France HOP! E190 arriving from Marseille

An old-liveried Condor 757-300 back-taxiing before its departure to Frankfurt

And here’s a new Condor!

A SkyUp 737-900 on short final from Kyiv

A green airBaltic A220 coming in from Riga

As you can see, this A320 used to fly with AirBerlin. Today it operates for a German holiday airline named SundAir. Almost all of their planes have been repainted, therefore this aircraft is truly a one-of-a-kind rarity.

Here is another A320 from the previously mentioned SundAir, in their own livery.

Finally, here is a Luxair 737-800 arriving in some evening light.

I hope you enjoyed the photographs! Please let me know if you want more!


Low key didn’t know this even existed lmao

Cool pictures

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I voted for it to become a livery, but there’s like 5 votes :’)

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Wow! 3 new airlines I never new existed before! Thanks for sharing!


Which ones?

Windrose, SkyUp, and SundAir

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Please, just say Dnipro

Nice! Greece is my favorite country to fly to.

didnt know Olympic Air still existed