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Hey everyone! This is my first time posting here so please let me know if anything was done wrong, etc. I was on holiday in Crete recently and as I was stranded at LGIR (Heraklion Airport) for several hours due to delays on my flight back to Athens, I did some spotting. As this was taken with an iPad, the quality might not be the same compared to others.

Heraklion Airport is known for hosting lesser known, touristic airlines, but in general, it’s known to be a complete madhouse during the summer. Constant delays, however, do make for spotting opportunities!

Tus Airways Fokker70 heading for Larnaca, Cyprus. In the back you can see a Corendon Airlines 737-800 having landed from Düsseldorf, as well as an Arkia Airlines 757-300 from Tel Aviv. Behind the Corendon, you can also see the tail of a Small Planet A320 having arrived from Wroclaw.

A Sky Express JS41 having landed from Zakynthos

The Tus Airways tail is still visible. In the meantime, one can see an Aeroflot A321 taxiing for its departure to Moscow Sheremetyevo, the aforementioned Arkia Air, as well as an El Al 737-900 heading for Tel Aviv.

SmartWings 737-800, in from Prague

Brussels Airlines A319 in from Brussels, Arkia Air, as well as an Austrian Airlines A320 from Vienna in the background

Ellinair A320, having landed on RWY27 after flying back to base from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.

Aegean Airlines A320 taxies to parking after landing from Athens, while another Aegean A321 takes off for Athens

The same Aegean A320 taxiing to the gate (which will later depart to Athens with me in it).

TUI 737-800 having landed from Liege, at the gate, with the ATC tower in the background

Might also make another thread on aircraft seen in Athens on arrival.

This is my first spotting thread so let me know if it’s all right 🙂


Very nice pics! I love the Aegean one the most although the other ones were also nice!

Awesome! I never have heard of even some of those carriers there!

Definitely! I also had to double check some of those airline names. It definitely makes for a new experience compared to large international airports but still with a lot of traffic!

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I think we can both agree on the fact that Aegean pics are usually the best ;)

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Which counties in Europe

Do you mean Heraklion or a carrier? If you mean Heraklion, it is in sunny Greece 🇬🇷

Aegean for life!!! Nice pics too


Nice pics. Great to see the ex-KLM Fokkers still flying after they were retired from KLM.

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