LGIR - LROP / A320 (Aegean Airlines) Nightshots!

From Iraklion to Bucharest in a simple classic Airbus A320-200
Flight time: 01:30 approx. (Expert Server)

My Instagram: @aviation_club_official

Moments before landing with a full moon behind!

Waiting to taxi to gate with @NiharG behind…

Full moon & long queue @LROP.
(Can you spot a British Airways?)

And finally the best office in the world ♥️

Credits: @AirIndiaVirtual2
Thank you & hope you like it! ☺️


Night shots can be difficult, you did them well. Nice work.

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Thank you soo much!!

Amazing shots, absolutely. That’s a trickier livery to capture in the dark, and you did a fantastic job.

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great shots! I think i was your controller ;)

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Some really, really cool pictures and one of the best offices needed. Great choice of route as well, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you soo much… Appreciate it! @Sashaz55

Absolutely correct! @Chuck_Aviation 👍

Absolutely! 🙂

Yeah you were the controller! @Elefanths

Your welcome! 🙂 and wish to see you in skies… @JulianB

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@Mafiaviation hahaha i had fun imitating you turning the rudder and the nose wheel 😂😂😂

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I do this all the time when waiting to taxi or takeoff!! 😂😂

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No problem, see you in the skies!

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Great work mate !

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