LGAV to LICC B737-800 Ryanair Expert Server

Hey, guys just filmed my flight from LGAV to LICC and posted it on YouTube. Night flight hope you guys will like it, I got some photos for y’all down below.

The Video On YouTube

Made this flight today in the expert server, during night time and from LGAV Athens Intl Airport to LICC Catania Fontanarossa.

Here are some photos :

Taxiing for take-off:

Taking-off at LGAV:

Flying by the mountains:

Approaching LICC:

Touchdown at LICC:

Taxiing at LICC:

Here is everything, have a good day/ night!


Did you Ryanair the landing

Never Mind. Great Photos Dude!

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Nice photos, make sure your landing was a Ryanair. 😉

@Matt_Croatia001 @Butter_Boi Ugh, I think I might’ve buttered that one 😬😂


I feel like violations shouldn’t apply for Ryanair liveried aircraft, you’ve gotta be as realistic as possible ;)

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Nice! What device are you using?


Google Pixel 2XL

Btw guys sorry with the video the quality, that was not what I expected. My screen recorder let me down this time, I’ll try to re-upload it with better quality if I can.

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Don’t stress over it, you did well

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