LGAV. Landscape and photos.

Any one seen LGAV?
LGAV is an Greek airport surrounded by beautiful landscapes with the Aegean. These photos are here to impress you and I hope you consider using the airport. I flew in a Lockheed Martin F-22 and made circles around the islands taking fantastic photos. Unfortunately they have to go sideways as they are really big.

View from ground:

The airport and region:

The famous island of Santorini:

And then… Crete:

If you like these photos, I suggest you make the flight yourself. It lasts 10 minutes at most. If you try this flight, comment below with a screenshot of your favourite part and edit it like me:


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Used to fly a lot from/to LGAV back in the Aegean VA times. I kinda miss it now 😅

A few of my favourite places in there! Had many great flight towards Greece, thanks for sharing some impressions!


But may I ask how you managed to only take 10 minutes for the trip?

I was on solo and went really high and then reach 1,560 knts

That explains it, thanks!

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You’re all good now :)