LGAV idle?

Being a Greek, you understand from this topic my patriotism for the country. However, I have made 3 flight to and fro from EGLL and without forcing any suggestions, could I ask why LGAV in Greece is idle? I understand that most people playing are uninterested in Greece and so on. But in fact, LGAV is a very busy airport with millions of arrivals a month. So my main question is how are airports decided? By real life popularity or by user interests?


If it’s not Expert Server than most people don’t understand that there is this thing called planet Earth and that it’s a huge big place but people still fly at the same old airports day after day, most of them have probably never even heard of the place before. If it is Expert Server than Tyler decides on where and what airports should be featured, ever notice that there are airports that aren’t as popular on there? That’s because he’s trying to get people to explore the world, Tyler will sometimes on occasion take suggestions from the community.


You can send Tyler a PM with this suggestion so he might be able to add it in the following schedules ;)

How do I make the suggestion?

Just send him a PM telling him about the airport and why you want it to be featured

That’s the case with most airports in Southern Europe unfortunately as most pilots fly to the biggest airports they have in mind (most of the time from my experience). From time to time there will be ATC coverage on Expert Server, but obviously with so many places that’s rarely the case.

LGAV is absolutely fantastic though and I always enjoy to fly there, the scenery is simply great!


Where doni send it as I do not.l know tyler

Send a PM to @Tyler_Shelton

Thx I will

Just saying this is pure patriotism

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I understand you. Same as when I wanted Serbia (my home country) to be featured ;)

Was it featured?

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In the end, it was! But a few weeks after

Great. I’ll fly there then

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I don’t typically take requests and I’d ask that this is not recommended in the future. I’ll ensure airports are included as we go and as they organically fit with the schedule’s theme or featured airport.