LGA Takeoff (Why I can't sleep)

Heard that’s a large aircraft!


Ya but only once per 2 days usually an at night…

I live under the Atlanta airport takeoff pattern
The air planes are loud

I get it… Sly 😏

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Yo know what I’m like fam! ;)

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I’m only 13, I don’t run the family 😁

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I live under the approach for the 22’s at KJFK and have aircraft from KFRG (mostly helicopters) fly over at low altitude.

I live very near from the rubway of LSGG(Geneva) and when you see the 777 of emirates or the A340-5/600 of Etihad and sometimes the 747 of El Al.

You’re just Like this : 😻😻😻😻😻😻


I live on the approach pattern to the airport in Ghana. I usually have a great view of the planes at around 2000ft esp the gorgeous Emirates 777-300ER. Puts a smile on my face every time I watch the planes fly past.

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I live in the “Transition zone” for the helicopters flying to and from Manhattan to the Hamptons.

On a nice warm summer day all you hear is the rotors thump thump thump thump thump thump… Every minute. It rattles the windows sometimes. Not fun.

I’m too far east of NYC to catch anything to spot heading to LGA or JFK.

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I’ll record one of the six 747s flying overhead from an aiport a mile away.

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With me it’s different. Every once in a while, I’m not sure if it’s every few hours or twice or thrice or once a day, but a plane will come over my house. Right now, no, but another time, yeah. However they’re usually near cruising altitude over my house. You can hear them in the house but normally it’s not boisterously loud.

I also get to hear the rumble and watch the local Air National Guard’s C130s. Now they are impressive! (and much more infrequent)

I live near the approach for Runway 4R/L in BOS (NE winds) and if there’s a NW wind, aircraft taking off from runway 27 fly over my house…and they’re very loud haha

Not as big or cool as a 767 tho!

I live in the south of the U.K near London so I have

.gatwick departure route
.southend departure route
.london city Sid/star
.heathrow Sid/star and stack
.Standsted Departure
.europe to North America route

I could sit in my garden and watch planes comeing from every direction

I feel sorry for and jealous of you at the same time.