LGA Takeoff (Why I can't sleep)

Put your volume in FULL



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Thanks, and it’s a departure BTW ;P


Nice! I drive almost an hour to the closest major airport.


Trust me. I get it worst.

And I live in the countryside lol.

Flight path to New York and Dublin with Ryan Air and Monarch Air

And fighters from RAF Brize Norton practically train in my garden. Its so loud during the summer.

Last night I had a hercules fly 10 metres away from my window. Saw the pilot and everything


And then there’s me.
The only planes I see are arrivals to SZG at about 12,000ft and MUCs departures to the east at about 15,000ft. Maybe a few Cessnas and Diamond Twin Stars from a local airfield as well. Kinda sad when you have to look 1 minute to find the AirBerlin DH8D from DUS that’s passing 4 times a day and you say to yourself with glittering eyes: “LOOK! THE DASH!”


I live near an Air Base so I am forever seeing F-15s, BAE Hawks, Typhoons etc.

Just yesterday I saw two C130s in formation.


Sounds like something from a movie, “I turned around, and there she was, the Dash…”.


Yes the countryside is worse I live near Bristol airport and the approach always ends up with planes flying above your house at 3000ft but it doesn’t get annoying thankfully I quite like it

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It’s sometimes nice to see the prop planes. Whenever we are outside they tilt there wings. Almost doing barrel rolls. It’s amazing.

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Can you see traffic to RAF Fairford too because thats not too far from Brize Norton? The Air tattoo is there every year so I bet you get to see a load of traffic near you around that time

Loads. I was debating whether I should go this year because we see every plane practically going towards the airbase. We once saw a bomber- but like those small, aerodynamic American planes, the weird triangle ones. Amazing to see it silently glide at around 3000 ft

I think you mean the B2 Spirit, that was there in 2012 I think (not 100% sure), their amazing! I’ve been twice and I’ve got my tickets this year, it’s definitely worth going!

I live under BFS 25 approach path & they fly over a 4000ft.

on my father’s house, i can see some LSGG RWY23 planes approaching at 8000-10000ft (6000 ft AGL) so when i had live in Lausanne, same thing unless i see and ear the magic sound of CFM56 is when the aircraft turn base to catch ST-PREX waypoint

Hah I live under the Approach for KDFW Yes! The biggest problem is that Its AAL hub and the freaking MD-80’s are so loud

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I believe that was what I had in my video. I also live under the KJFK 13L/R Approach

Nice! not sure if living under the approach is a good thing or bad thing tho?

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Both actually:

Good: Spotting

Bad: Engine Exhaust

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I only see dash8 like 20 every day
Airbus a319
Boeing 737
And sometimes a3330